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Drop-In Event: Bartlett-Havelock-Gladstone Cycling Connections Phase 2

This event has already taken place.

The City of Toronto is inviting residents to learn more and provide feedback on road safety improvements on Gladstone Avenue between College Street and Peel Avenue, as well as a new traffic signal on Dufferin Street north of Queen Street West. 

The proposed changes include new contra-flow bike lanes, traffic signals, and changes to the direction of motor vehicle travel. 

The 3.5 km cycling connections project aims to improve safety by lowering motor vehicle travel speed, prioritizing pedestrians and people cycling, and reducing non-local traffic infiltration. The current phase of the project, south of College Street, would connect to existing and future bikeways on Waterloo Avenue, Argyle Street, Peel Avenue and the West Toronto Railpath. 

City services, including emergency services, waste pick-up, and snow clearing, would continue as usual. All local motor vehicle access would be maintained. There would be no impact to existing sidewalks or speed limits. 

Map of project location

Why are changes proposed for Gladstone Avenue? 

This project is part of the City of Toronto's commitment to the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, the TransformTO Action Plan and other Council-approved polices and plans. There are existing neighbourhood concerns around road safety, climate impact and mobility within the area. This project aims to address these local concerns by making changes that align with City policies. 

Between 2016 and 2020 there were 168 reported collisions in the project area. Five (5) of those collisions involved pedestrians and 14 collisions involved people cycling. Presently, Gladstone Avenue has non-local motor vehicle drivers who use the road to avoid traffic on major roads such as Dufferin Street. 

One way to improve safety is to reduce motor vehicle speeds and volumes. In addition, by making the street safer on Gladstone Avenue, this project would provide people cycling with a safe, north-south alternative to Dufferin Street. 

Proposed Changes | College Street to Dundas Street West 

In this section the City is proposing to: 

  • Maintain two-way vehicle access. 
  • Maintain on-street parking to help reduce vehicle speeds. 
  • Add traffic calming measures mid-block where parking is not permitted. 
  • Add shared lane markings and signage to alert road users. 
  • Introduce a southbound-through restriction from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, at Dundas Street West to reduce traffic infiltration on this block and the block south of Dundas Street West. 

Left: People cycling in both directions on Gladstone Avenue between College Street and Dundas Street West. Right: An example of a contra-flow bicycle lane where people cycling can travel in both directions on a street, which is one-way for all other vehicles.

Left: People cycling in both directions on Gladstone Avenue between College Street and Dundas Street West.

Right: An example of a contra-flow bicycle lane where people cycling can travel in both directions on a street, which is one-way for all other vehicles.

Proposed Changes | Dufferin Street Traffic Signal 

There are two (2) options being considered for a new traffic signal along Dufferin Street to create a safe crossing for pedestrians and people cycling. Option 2 is preferred because it provides easier access to Pessoa Park, the West Toronto Railpath and the Peel Avenue bikeway. 

Proposed Changes | Dundas Street West to Peel Avenue 

Non-local vehicle traffic is highest southbound on Gladstone Avenue south of Dundas Street West as well as westbound from Argyle Street, an existing cycling route. Two options are being considered for this segment. Both options propose a contra-flow bike lane on Gladstone Avenue; however, only Option 2 includes changes to traffic operations to reduce non-local traffic and increase safety for all road users. 

  Option 1 - Contra-flow Bikeway Option 2 - Neighbourhood Greenway
Cycling Add a contra-flow bike lane to the east side of Gladstone Avenue to accommodate cycling in both directions; between Cross Street and Waterloo Avenue, the contra-flow bike lane would be next to parked cars. Add a contra-flow bike lane on the opposite side of parking to accommodate cycling in both directions
Traffic infiltration and access* Maintain all vehicle movements; no changes are proposed to reduce non-local vehicle traffic

Reduce traffic infiltration on Gladstone Avenue and Argyle Street, and increase safety for pedestrians and people cycling by:

  • Requiring southbound traffic to turn at Collahie Street and Argyle Street
  • Converting the block between Stonehouse Crescent and Collahie Street into a one-way northbound, and making parking permanent on the east side
  • Installing a cycling-only block between Argyle Street and Alma Avenue
  • Converting the block of Argyle Street from Gladstone Avenue to Antonio Lopes Lane into a one-way westbound
Pedestrian crossings Add crosswalks at Cross Street and Alma Avenue Add crosswalks at Cross Street, Argyle Street and Alma Avenue
Parking Make parking permanent the west side of Gladstone Avenue, except between Cross Street and Waterloo Avenue where it would be made permanent on the east side

Make parking permanent on one side of the street:

  • Parking would be made permanent on the west side between Dundas Street West and Collahie Street; and between Stonehouse Crescent and Alma Avenue.
  • Parking would be made permanent on the east side between Collahie Street and Stonehouse Crescent; and between Alma Avenue and Peel Avenue
  • Parking would be made permanent on the north side on Waterloo Avenue
Parking No parking spaces would be removed

Remove approximately 15 parking spaces to enhance safety, maintain school bus loading zones and accommodate truck turns.

* Both options would maintain vehicle access to all properties, loading docks, and school loading, pick-up and drop-off areas; and maintain emergency services and solid waste collection. 

Next Steps 

This notice provides a summary of the project proposal - more details can be found on the project web page and at the upcoming public drop-in event. After the public feedback period, City staff will review feedback, determine the preferred options and incorporate changes into the proposed design. The project proposal will report to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee of City Council in June 2023 for approval. Subject to approval, installation is planned for 2023. 

You are invited to:

Learn more

View project information on the website, including Phase 1 and 2 information and meeting panels. 


Attend the Event

Phase 2 Public Drop-In Event

Monday, April 3, 2023
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Alexander Muir Public School*
108 Gladstone Avenue

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Complete an online survey or request a printed copy. Submit comments by email, mail or phone. 

Comment deadline:
Monday, April 17, 2023

* This location is wheelchair/mobility device accessible. If you have a specific accessibility need or require other accommodation, please contact us. 

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