Statement on building the city we want

Our city is facing challenges, but we must continue the work of building the city we want. This week, I’m focused on fighting for a Toronto budget that gets it right.

There’s no use pretending the past few days haven’t created undo pressure on our city. There are governance challenges to overcome and the high cost of another election to absorb into already strained finances. But this is also an opportunity for our city. With John Tory must go the undemocratic minority-rule mayoral powers he was given by Doug Ford. And now, we have an opportunity to create a budget that starts to build the city we want. 

Over the past two months, I’ve had the privilege of hearing from thousands of Torontonians who signed petitions, wrote to their representatives, and took time out of their day to deliver deputations, with one unifying message: we need a budget that reflects our city’s priorities.

A budget that’s built on the foundation of housing as a human right. A budget that prioritizes the services that make our city safer: buses and subways that run on time, community programs that build up neighbourhoods, safe streets, and well-maintained public infrastructure. One that prioritizes our parks and public services, and ensures that as a city, we provide a safe and warm indoor space for anyone who is in need of shelter. 

This week, I am committed to working with my colleagues to deliver a budget for our city that finally invests in the public services and supports that Toronto desperately needs. This week must be about City Council working together to create a strong plan for our city. 

Together, let’s continue to fight for a Toronto budget that gets it right. 

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