Statement on Bill 39

All Torontonians deserve to have their voice heard and their communities represented in local decision-making. 

TORONTO – "The people of Toronto just elected 25 local representatives. Last night, we learned from the Mayor of Toronto and the Premier of Ontario that they believe only eight of those voices should matter.

The Mayor went to Doug Ford to ask for the power to set policy and funding decisions without the support of two-thirds of Council. There is no precedent for this undemocratic move. It would mean the end of government decision-making by majority rule.

The time to propose and debate a change like this was before the election. The people of Toronto were not informed and have not been heard in this fundamental change to how we are governed in the city. 

Toronto’s City Council is full of new voices – and is more representative of the rich diversity of our city than ever. It’s critical that everyone, all across our city, has their voices heard and their communities represented. 

Local government is built on collaboration and trust. I urge the Mayor to rescind his request to Premier Ford."

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