A property status declaration may be selected for audit on a random or specific criteria basis. If selected for audit, the City will require the owner to provide information and evidence to substantiate their claim of occupancy of a residential property or any exemption.

Supporting Documentation

You may be required to submit supporting documentation or evidence with your declaration, or if your property status declaration is audited. This may include but is not limited to copies, including certified copies, of:

  • Ontario vehicle registration and vehicle insurance documentation of any occupant and owner.
  • Government-issued personal identification, including driver’s license and Ontario Identity Card of any occupant and owner.
  • Proof of Ontario Health coverage or valid Health card of any occupant and owner.
  • Income tax returns and income tax notices of assessment of any occupant and owner.
  • Lease agreements for the residential property.
  • Wills, grants of probate, or grants of administration in respect of an owner or an owner’s estate.
  • Employment contracts, pay statements or records of employment of any occupant and owner.
  • Verification of residence in hospital, long-term or supportive care facility in respect of an owner.
  • Court orders prohibiting the rental of the residential property.
  • Insurance certificates for homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance.
  • Statutory declarations or affidavits regarding the occupancy of the residential property and any exemption.

All records and documents pertaining to the occupation of the residential property or any exemption claimed must be retained for a period of three years.

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